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smiling dog

Scout - His Vet Was Astonished

smiling dog

I purchased a brace from you guys about 6 years ago and I was just referring you to a friend of mine who's got a dog with an ACL tear.

I was going on and on about how satisfied and impressed I was with your product and how my dog healed better than ever!

My vet, actually, is extremely astonished with there being absolutely no scar tissue buildup after such a terrible injury.

My dog's name is Scout. He doesn't wear his brace much anymore, only if we go on long hikes but as he is aging, we seem to be doing less of those. Overall he is able to enjoy a very happy, normal life and gets to run around with all of his friends.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving us from wasting so much time, energy, money, pain and suffering by electing to perform surgery.

Choosing the GoHero brace was one of the best things I've ever done and I would say Scout says the same!

Hope you all are taking care and stay safe during these difficult times.

Springer Spaniel cuddling with toddler

Magoo Snuggles Again

Springer Spaniel cuddling with toddler

“Seriously, try this brace before going the surgery route,” Brooke recommends. “It is light-weight and very comfortable on Magoo. He actually seems to like wearing it.”

Magoo is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel who loves to spend his days running after squirrels, swimming, chasing birds on the beach in Massachusetts and doing serious amounts of snuggling. And as the beloved dog of Joe and Brooke’s young family, he has lots of opportunities to do just that.

At the end of August, Magoo was out for one of his morning runs and came back to the house holding up his back right leg. Two days later, when he still was favoring the leg, Joe and Brooke brought Magoo immediately to the vet.

As with most vets unfamiliar with bracing, Magoo’s vet initially recommended surgery. Joe and Brooke were hesitant to put Magoo under the knife. They were concerned about Magoo’s age and how he would be able to recover from the process. Everyone they had talked to who had similar procedures done on their dogs discovered the other leg eventually needed to be operated on as well. And with a growing family, the $4000 surgery was difficult to fit into the budget.

Joe combed the internet looking for a solution and discovered Hero.

Four weeks after keeping the Hero Brace on Magoo regularly, Dr. Andrea DeTora from Massachusetts Vet Referral reported that Magoo was 90% healed. She anticipates close to a full recovery with six more weeks of regular wear. Dr. DeTora is also thrilled at the results and will be using Hero braces as a valid alternative for her patients in the future.

Brooke and Joe are thrilled to have their Magoo back to playing and having fun. And the entire family is glad to get their snuggle partner back.

Jack Hikes Again

What decisions would a vet make if they were treating their own dog?

Dr. Sarah Bradley works at All About Pets in Citrus Heights, Ca. Her best buddy is 8-year-old Jack, an Old English Sheepdog who often accompanies her to work and loves to go camping with the family.

While jumping into the back of Dr. Bradley’s SUV, Jack suffered a traumatic patellar luxation (dislocated knee cap).

Dr. Bradley worked closely with a veterinary surgeon through four surgeries over six months to fix his leg. She kept him on strict cage rest for seven months and wanted to find a solution to support his knee (stifle) while increasing activity.

Dr. Bradley chose a Hero Brace based on a recommendation from a former classmate. The Hero Brace allows Jack to be mobile while supporting the leg and protecting him from re-injury. Now Jack wears his Hero Brace every day when he comes to the clinic with her and when he plays with the boys in the family’s backyard.

“This brace is exactly what I was looking for. It’s custom fit for him and he is able to wear it all day without a problem. Now that I know that the brace is effective and wonderful, I now have another option to offer my clients!”

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