Terms of Service

To maximize your dog’s chance of success, we custom fabricate each brace

We want you to buy one brace for the life of your dog. To show we are in it for the long haul with you, we give you:

  • Unlimited adjustments to the brace. As long as you pay for shipping to us, we pay return shipping.
  • Life of Dog Guarantee for the plastic and joints, chewing not included
  • Straps, padding, and tread are replaced to give you a like-new brace for a minimal fee.


The brace is specifically custom made to fit your dog only. This process greatly increases your chances of success compared to fabric, five-sizes-fit-all braces.
The Hero custom brace cannot be re-used on other dogs.
Surgical outcomes cannot be guaranteed because of circumstances beyond the surgeon’s control.
The same is true for bracing.
Because of these factors, all sales are final, no refunds.

Helping your pet is at our core, we stick by that long-term commitment.