Veterinarian Success Stories

Dr. Michelle Beck DVM squatting next to her dog
Dr. Michelle Beck

Owner of Canine Rehabilitation and Wellness

Working as a certified canine rehabilitation therapist and veterinarian, my time is devoted to healing animals that have orthopedic or neurologic diseases. The Hero Braces are very high quality and durable for all the wear and tear dogs can do. I started using Hero (formerly Ace Ortho Solutions) in 2010. Initially, I was skeptical about bracing for cranial cruciate ligament disease, but having now braced many patients, I have found it extremely useful when used in combination with rehabilitation therapies.

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Carrie Adrian PT possing with her two dogs
Dr. Carrie Adrian

VCA Director, Physical Therapy Services

In 2005, Dr. Adrian met with Hero’s founder Ben Blecha through his uncle and co-founder Dr. Wayne Watkins. Dr. Adrian was impressed with the unique Hero design and how it was based on established, biomechanical concepts, as well as their exceptional build quality. One of Dr. Adrian’s patients Sadie, sustained a CCL rupture in July 2013 and needed surgery. Due to having several other issues like polyarthritis, and having been on steroids long term, surgery wasn’t an option. Her owner Cindy recently sent Dr. Adrian an email to thank her for recommending a Hero Brace. Dr. Adrian is proud to be able to offer Hero Braces to her clients, and recommends them to fellow physical therapists, CCRPs, and veterinarians for their patients.

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