Surgery Not An Option?

Do Veterinarians have other options? Dr. Watkins talks bracing. Find out if a dog brace can help your dog.

Stifle Brace Casting

A great cast leads to a great brace. Take some time to learn how to cast your dog for a knee brace, you will be happier in the end!

Stifle Brace Fitting

If you have questions fitting your knee brace, please contact us at (308) 423-2612

Hock and Carpal Brace Casting

Great braces start from great casts. Please take the time to learn how to cast so we can minimize fitting issues!

Hock and Carpal Brace Fitting

This video is of a hock brace fitting AND the principles are the same for the carpus brace

Hero Brace's Story

Know who is trying to help your dog. This is why we do what we do.

Surgery Not Included!

Want to know how well a dog can do with a brace? Morgan rocks our socks off!