Dr. Erin Runnels--Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center, Lenexa, Kansas

Dr. Erin Runnels–Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center, Lenexa, Kansas

The Hero Knee Brace is the preferred treatment for dogs that cannot have surgery

Did your dog tear its ACL?? A knee brace is used to support your dog’s stifle by limiting the dangerous movement called a “cranial drawer.” Prolonged cranial drawer movement causes rubbing, and the joint will form arthritis. Bracing limits this grinding motion while allowing the knee to bend through the full range of motion. Supporting the knee with a brace will get your furry friend playing again.

Do they work?

Judge for yourself. Watch owner submitted videos below.



Dog Knee Braces Help Your Dog

  • Walk with less pain
  • Climb stairs paw over paw
  • Put weight on their leg
  • Enhance joint position sense
  • Reduce chance of injuring opposite leg


Brace Powers Included

  • Treatment with NO need for anesthesia
  • Reduce risk of injury to opposite knee
  • Better surgical outcomes by starting therapy sooner
  • Reduce fitting complications by being custom made
  • Maintain muscle mass by walking sooner
  • Support for dogs that cannot have surgery

The Hero Difference?

Customer Service for one.

Not sure what brace you need? You can send us pictures or video and receive a recorded video of what we see.  Or if you like, we will meet in person via Facetime or Google Hangouts

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  1. Light-weight design = Play Again
  2. Life of Dog guarantee = Durable Design
  3. Qualified medical team = Peace of Mind

Custom Is Key

There are over 200 breeds of dogs. How can 5 knee braces sizes possibly fit them all?

That’s why we make custom braces so you have the best chance to succeed!

Watch the casting and fitting process below.


Let’s get started!

“Charlie just started cruising around no problem immediately, with no hesitation–it was awesome.  Thanks for all you do!!” –Dr. Annette Richmond, Natural Veterinary Therapy, Carmel, California

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