Why is the Hero Brace made of plastic, is that comfortable?

Dogs want to play, and play hard.  No thinking, just playing.

Fabric stretches and wears out quickly, thus will NOT protect an ACL tear. Fabric braces are intended for short term use for minimal injuries.

In short, your friend can play a lifetime in our braces. We back that with our “Life of Dog” Guarantee.

Padding makes the brace comfortable.

We use Co-polymer plastic for the shell and urethane joints for long-term durability and structural strength to provide the needed long-term biomechanical correction.

Why are casting kits shipped directly to the veterinarian?

There is a lot of biomechanics and anatomy research that goes into bracing.  Veterinarians have the specialized training to create the best outcomes with our Hero Braces.

Hero Braces are a medical device designed by a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist, so for legal reasons, we ship to your vet.

If another brace company ships a casting kit or brace to your door, you should check their manufacturer’s certifications. This will keep you from buying a really expensive ‘chew toy’.

My veterinarian is new to bracing; will Hero help? 

Yes. We understand bracing is relatively new to veterinary medicine (within past 15 years.) So we provide different ways of learning for your veterinarian to implement bracing into their clinic practices.

Visit our Veterinarians page to see those resources.

What type of guarantee do you offer? 

The joints and plastic of a Hero stifle brace are guaranteed for the life of your dog.

The plastic on carpal and hock braces should last between 2-5 years, depending on your dog’s level of activity and spunk.

The straps can be replaced for a minimal charge.

Regarding fit, we guarantee to make sure the Hero Brace fits your dog properly.

Read our Terms of Service for more details

Is my dog too small or too heavy for a Hero Brace?

No dog is too big or small, because all Hero Braces are custom-made.

We have fit a 4 lb. Chihuahua AND a 214 lb. Newfoundland.

Do Hero Braces have padding?

Yes, Hero Braces use a removable under-sleeve.

We do this so we can send you the padding directly. Braces with connected or glued in padding have to be sent into the manufacturer to be replaced.

We do not want your dog to go without the brace that is helping them play again!

Under-sleeve padding has many advantages:

  1. Hand washing takes care of the dirt and bacteria.
  2. If it wears out, we simply mail you a new under-sleeve.
  3. The under-sleeve Velcros to the brace to ensure the brace will not fall off at the dog park.

Why is there not a harness to hold the brace on the leg?

We want your life to be simpler. The Hero Brace uses an under-sleeve to hold the brace on the leg.

Harnesses wrap around another limb, further limiting the motion of the ‘good’ leg. Harnesses can be a hassle to put on your dog when you are getting ready for an outdoor adventure.

The Hero Brace will simplify your life AND allow your dog to utilize the good motion of the other limbs.

Why does the Hero Brace not use metal joints? 

Hero has found the best of both worlds; we use urethane joints for durability and strength without adding extra weight.

Stainless steel joints are strong but heavy, and dogs shred aluminum joints.

Will my dog chew this brace?

Less than 1% of owners report dogs chewing a brace. And often we find it can be fixed if it happens.

What we do find, as soon as your dog understands how much their Hero Brace helps them, they will not bother the brace.

We provide a break-in schedule with each brace to ensure your success!

If you see your dog licking the brace, this may be an indication for an adjustment. We make adjustments a priority at our lab.

I’m in Canada. Can I order from Hero?

Yes, we love Canadians.

All of your brokerage charges are already figured into the price.  Just select the shipment method you would like; we take care of the rest.

We only ship to business addresses.

Will Ben personally evaluate my dog?

Sure, that is why we set up our Virtual Clinic.  Ben will meet with you and your Veterinarian or Therapist live over Facetime or Google Hangouts.

In person? Yes

If you can get here, Ben will be happy to share his expertise and evaluate your pet. Hero is located in a small town in rural Nebraska. The closest commercial airport is Denver International, a 3-hour drive, and we have a regional airport for private jets.

You would have an opportunity to enjoy the solitude of the local vineyard and winemakers loft. Please call in advance to coordinate these arrangements.