Welcome to Hero, formerly Ace Ortho Soutions. We are still the same great company from Benkleman, NE making dog braces that fit and function properly. Same owners, same people. We’ve just been to the groomers.

As fellow pet owners, we know how devastating it can be when your best friend can no longer jump and play like he used to. When your pet suffers a torn CCL (ACL) or other dog leg injury, Hero has the solution.

Dog Leg Braces

If you favor a conservative, non-surgical approach for your pet due to age, weight, medical condition or household financial circumstances, a Hero Leg Brace is the perfect answer to help him get back to running and playing in no time!

However, if your pet has had or is scheduled for surgery, a Hero Brace can aid in the recovery process. Hero Braces are a great complement for physical therapy, canine rehabilitation or conservative management.

Our team has years of experience working with vets and dog owners throughout the world. Together, we manufacture custom-made stifle (knee) braces, carpal (wrist) braces and hock braces to regain the best quality of life for their pets.

Our knee braces for dogs have helped hundreds of pets get back to to playing fetch and enjoying those long walks again.

Furthering Education

At Hero, not only do we work with canine rehabilitation therapists all over the world, we collaborate regularly with the Canine Rehabilitation Certificate Program from the University of Tennessee. With classes and seminars in two locations, this award-winning veterinary continuing education program is run by highly respected and distinguished veterinarians and physical therapists, who are continually bringing the latest advancements to the classroom.

Contact us to find out how Hero can help you.