Investigating dog braces?

Welcome to Hero!  We have been helping Veterinarians and Physical Therapists with bracing for over 10 years.  Dr. Watkins of Red Willow Animal Clinic (featured in the video) is in rural Nebraska; towns big or small owners choose brace alternatives to surgery everywhere.  Our roots began by creating a stifle brace for CCL tears with Dr. Adrian and Dr. Taylor at Alameda East. Hero Brace lines now include hock, tarsal and carpal versions.  Visit our Brace page or download the brochure on the right to share with your owners.


Does bracing work?

Confidence in bracing is important.  Morgan, shown in the video, is an agility dog treated by Robert Porter III, LVT in Louisiana.  Robby’s therapy style is amazing.  Do not be overwhelmed, dogs return to play without this level of therapy.  Robby was helping train Morgan to return to agility trials, AND she did!  CCL tears are effectively treated every day with bracing by Veterinarians.

Does bracing work for other diagnoses?  Carpal hyperextension, yes; luxating patella, no; brachial plexus injury, eh, maybe if you start early; crouched gait due to neurological issues, yes.

Other diagnoses?  Email us some video and history and our Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist will help evaluate and share the best treatment plan based on his 10 years of experience bracing animals.

Are their published studies proving bracing works? There are several universities currently studying our braces. Until their studies are published, we have several case studies in our blog showing positive outcomes.

Think of bracing as a treatment option, a tool for your tool box. Choosing to offer bracing to your patients is a choice your owners will appreciate.

A personal note from our Founder Ben Blecha.

The Hero team strives to help your practice excel at bracing. I am Ben Blecha the founder of Hero. I had osteosarcoma bone cancer when I was 16. After a series of failed knee replacements and limb salvage procedures, I chose to have my knee amputated and foot sewn on backwards Confused? Watch the What is Hero video to get a visual.   Why would I CHOOSE to do this to myself? The most important thing to me was to be able to stay active and enjoy life.  My alternative was a very high amputation would severely limit my mobility. I chose a surgery that had better function and sacrificed appearance.

This lead me to a really cool career!

Thinking about my mortality at such a young age made me realize that life is too short and I wanted to live it to the fullest. I became a prosthetist-orthotist because I wanted to make robots when I grew up, and not having a leg, this choice seemed appropriate. I started working with animals because I was introduced to Dr. Taylor  His vision was amazing and we quickly hit it off.

I’m an inventor at heart and I realized textbooks had not been written yet about prosthetics for animals. Before I knew it, I was speaking at National and International Veterinary and Prosthetic meetings. Since 2005, the company evolved from Sky Prosthetics to Ace Ortho Solutions (which people confused for Ace Bandages) to now Hero. We are growing quickly and now even help teach casting at the University of Tennessee Canine Rehab program. Time flies!

Being from rural Nebraska, customer service is very important to the Hero team. We know learning about bracing is relatively new to Veterinary Medicine. To help you through the learning curve we have a very friendly fitting policy. Adjustments are free; we will make sure your patients succeed.

You have choices in how you run your practice and we hope you chose Hero.

We look forward to working with you!