Stairs are no problem for Cooper with Hero Braces

Stairs are no problem for Cooper with Hero Braces

Dog Leg Braces, Play Sooner

After 10 years and thousands of successes, bracing is advancing Veterinary medicine.

Surgery is not always an option. If you cannot do surgery, braces add extra support so your dog can get back to playing sooner.

Hero braces borrow concepts from human leg braces. Then, adapts them to a dog’s unique way of walking.

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Dog Knee Brace FittingHow are Hero Braces Better?


For dogs?

Custom made means best correction.   Small, Medium, and Large is a bad fit for over 200 breeds of dogs.
Light-weight means play longer.  Streamlined design cuts weight in half.
Biomechanics mean stability. Weight bear and gain muscle sooner.

For Owners

“Life of Dog” Guarantee means to minimize costs. Fabric braces wear out quickly, buy one brace not ten.
Durable means play anywhere. Waterproof design helps you resume life.
No Harness means easy on/off. Would you rather put on shoes or scuba gear?

For Veterinarians

Educational resources mean learning quickly. Help more animals.
Candid communication means the best function of the brace. Gives you time to focus on other animals in your care.
Commitment to research means growth of the Veterinary profession. Be proud!


Hero Stifle Brace

Hero Braces

We focus on being great at these three brace designs.

Knee Brace
Ankle Brace
Wrist Brace

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Carrie Adrian PT PhD

Carrie Adrian-VCA Rehabilitation Director

Who Prescribes Braces?

We have been around for over 10 years. We have developed some great relationships.

Carrie Adrian, PT, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation for VCA Hospitals
Michelle Beck, DVM, Backlund Animal Clinic
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Why Rehab And Brace, Why Not Just Surgery?

Canines need rehabilitation more than humans. Twelve weeks of healing is two years of a dog’s life.

final CCRP logoRehab gives more life to your dog!

We support these great programs and many more.
UT Canine Rehabilitation Program
Academy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians
Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation

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