Veterinarian fitting dog knee braceTrying To Help Your Pet?

Hero braces borrow concepts from human knee braces and adapts them to a dog’s unique way of walking.  A knee brace is called a stifle brace in veterinary medicine. The device is used to support dogs that have a CCL or ACL tear in their knee.

Dogs Using A Stifle Brace:

  • Climb stairs paw over paw
  • Can put weight on their leg
  • Walk with less pain
  • Best of all, get back to playing


Stairs are no problem for Cooper with Hero Braces

Stairs are no problem for Cooper with Hero Braces



Dog knee braces can play a significant role in treating cruciate ligament ruptures, whether surgery is an option for your pet or not. 

For those who cannot have surgery, braces allow those animals to return to normal daily activities almost immediately after being fitted with a custom brace.  The brace applies the corrective forces needed to support proper joint function, allowing the natural healing processes of the animal’s body to take over.   

For those who undergo surgery, bracing supports the stifle joint during the recovery process, minimizing strain and wear on the joint, with the goal of improving the surgical outcome.

What Makes The Hero Dog Knee Brace Ideal?

  • Under-Sleeve Suspension
    • Simple is better, right?  With Hero, you do NOT need a complicated harness to make sure the brace stays on your dog at the dog park
    • Acting as removable padding, the sleeve is replaced easily.  No need for your dog to go without the added support for simple repairs.
  • Co-Polymer Plastic Design
    • Plastic does not stretch and applies better corrective forces.  Read more about proper biomechanics.
    • Waterproof, who wants to go for a swim?
    • More durable than fabric. You only have to buy ONE brace for your dog.

      How a stifle knee brace limits cranial drawer with proper plastic placement. Red arrows are cranial drawer. Green arrows are corrective forces.

      How a stifle knee brace limits cranial drawer with proper plastic placement. Red arrows are the cranial drawer movement. Green arrows are corrective forces that the Hero brace applies opposite the dangerous motion.

  • Life Of Dog Guarantee (Stifle Brace Only)
    • Plastic and joints will not fail your dog, our guarantee
    • Replace the straps and neoprene for a minimal charge.
  • Custom Made To Your Dog
    • There are 14 sizes of knee braces for humans.  There are over 200 breeds of dogs.  You would need 100+ sizes to get the proper fit and correction
    • Custom made braces give the best outcomes for your animal

Who Is Using Hero?

  • Carrie Adrian DVM uses Hero bracesCarrie Adrian, PT, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation for VCA Hospitals (Read More) or watch what she says on DVM360 about bracing (Here)
  • Michelle Beck, DVM, Backlund Animal Clinic (Read More)

We work in partnership with Veterinarians and Therapists worldwide.

Our Promise:

  • Candid communication regarding the possible function of the devices
  • To listen
  • To work with the Veterinarian or Therapist to design the best device to meet your goals
  • To provide techniques to help you teach the animal to use the device
  • To provide timely fabrication and follow-up with the device
  • To provide a durable, custom device
  • To always strive to be better

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